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"Complete your details above and you'll receive a large green envelope with everything you need to see exactly how Business Bitesize can pay off for your firm.

"One of the very helpful documents in this pack is the FAQ sheet (frequently asked questions). We've worked hard to capture all the questions we've been asked as we've helped other firm's get started with Business Bitesize. This means you'll have instant answers to the most common questions and one or two less obvious but important questions too.

"Marketing your firm is important and we want you to be certain Business Bitesize is right for you. Or at the very least, we want you to be certain that it's not for you and your firm before you pass the opportunity up for another firm to take. The pack ​will help you achieve certainty either way so you can make the best choice for your firm.

"I look forward to speaking with you should you need to."

- Kate Shrimpling​

What do most accountancy firms NOT DO enough of?

Delivering something of value to all your clients, all your introducers and all your prospects every month is a tough ask for busy accountants with pressing filing deadlines to manage.

However when you do deliver something of value every month, you remind everyone that you are ready and willing to help them should they need you.

But what do most accountancy firms mostly NOT DO?

1. Most accountancy firms don't do enough to impress every business owner client every month

Business Bitesize is designed to impress your clients every month so they stay with you and recommend others to your firm. When they do stay and recommend others to you, your firm grows.

2. Most firms aren't doing enough to inspire introducer contacts to recommend new clients to their firm every month

Business Bitesize is designed to impress your introducer contacts every month too. When your introducers are impressed they feel confident to recommend others to your firm, and your firm will grow.

3. Most accountancy firms aren't doing enough every month to encourage prospective new clients to say yes to joining their firm

Business Bitesize is designed to demonstrate to prospects every month how genuine you are about helping them improve their business results, and that joining your firm is the right thing to do.

Sole Associates recently secured exclusive rights to distribute Business Bitesize in the Woking area. From his first email distribution Joe got this email message back from one of the names on his prospect list. Joe has a first meeting set up with this business owner:

"Just got back to UK and not happy with charges from my existing accountant!

If I get someone to do all book keeping for VAT returns what would you roughly charge per month / annual to do my accounts and personal tax return?

Turnover is say £4-6M per annum. Please let me know if you have any further questions?"

Business Owner in Surrey
Responding to the 'Guarantee Success' edition of Business Bitesize

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