1. Fast-growing, 7-partner, firm wins new client and impresses another - RICKMANSWORTH & WATFORD
1. Fast-growing, 7-partner, firm wins new client and impresses another - RICKMANSWORTH & WATFORD

1. Fast-growing, 7-partner, firm wins new client and impresses another - RICKMANSWORTH & WATFORD

Business Bitesize impresses an important publisher client, delivers practical insights and helps win a new client...

The team at MHI have ambitious growth plans for the firm. To achieve this growth, they have changed lots in recent years - improving the practice management processes of the firm - focussing the minds of the partners and managers on the firm's KPIs - and improving the skills and knowledge of their team too.

They are also pleased with the growth in fees. But what matters most to all the partners is that their clients are well-looked after.​

​This means that if they send any material out to their clients it must be of a very high standard. High standards of presentation and high-standards of content and high-standards of writing are all important. Their reputation is on the line.

When a well-respected publisher client suggests that Business Bitesize is worth reading (in the short video below), Clive and the team know they have delivered to a very high standard.​

Clive shares a brief story about his publisher client's reaction to Business Bitesize (34 seconds)

Clive appreciates the practical, cut-to-the-chase, content that Business Bitesize shares with his clients and contacts. In this next 101 second video clip Clive dwells on the way Business Bitesize shows how you get more from your team using regular team meetings...

How business owner clients get practical value from Business Bitesize (33 seconds)

Making a great first impression: Go into the reception at MHI and you'll receive a warm friendly welcome.. 

You'll also be greeted by a stand showing you the most recent editions of Business Bitesize. 

Want to see one of the MHI Business Bitesize reports?

"Thanks Paolo. Great read, makes me want to do team meetings again to try it out!"

- ​From an MHI client email to one of the partners at MHI

"Just wanted to send you a little note to say that what you have done here is brilliant (both as a smart marketing tool for you and as a ‘value give’ for your clients and prospects) and I have just downloaded all the others… Thank you."

- In an email from one of MHI's bank contacts

Clive describes how Business Bitesize helped them win a new client...

Here's how all the mhi back copies look ...

2. Growing niche practice sees Business Bitesize fit their value-added approach in CARDIFF

Business Bitesize hits the high standards necessary to work for this specialist niche accountancy practice and saves the directors loads of time...

Sian Lloyd, a director at Lewis Ballard, describes the firm's Business Bitesize experience (in Welsh).

Below Sian describes how clients react to the Bitesize reports in reception and how one A-grade dental client appreciates the quality of the content (in English).

Lewis Ballard are committed to helping their clients develop their businesses.

Yes they'll provide their annual accounts and tax returns and other compliance services, but they also want more for their clients.

Sian, one of the directors at Lewis Ballard, talks about clients reactions.

One of their ambitious A-grade dental clients have been very positive towards the content the fully Lewis Ballard branded Bitesize reports provides. Sian tells this story in the second video.

Because the content of Business Bitesize fits the Lewis Ballard value-added approach to clients they invested in several back copies. See their back copies below.

Want to see one of the Lewis Ballard Business Bitesize reports?

“These articles are wonderful. The advice is practical, usable and cuts straight to the essence of what really can make or break a business."

"I will definitely share this with our whole team & together we will be identifying our ‘moments of truth’. Post-its here we come!!!”

- Dental client of Lewis Ballard

Here's how all the Lewis Ballard back copies look ...

3. Business Bitesize provides timely help to a valued business-owner client - LEAMINGTON SPA

3. Business Bitesize provides timely help to a valued business-owner client - LEAMINGTON SPA

Pentlands was one of the first Business Bitesize subscribers and continues to see it work well for clients and get great feedback more than 2 years on...

Elinor Perry, Managing Director at Pentlands, describes her passion for sharing business insights with clients. Books are too much for most time-precious business owners but Bitesize business breakthroughs are appreciated by both clients and introducers, Elinor explaions...

Elinor is an avid reader of business books but is realistic to know that clients aren't always going to follow suit. Which is why she enjoys getting feedabck from clients and introducer contacts about the business breakthroughs she shares in Business Bitesize.

This positive feedback also tells Elinor that Business BItesize is actively giving value to clients and demonstrating great customer care to every contact for every edition.

""Just love these complimentary business insights - fab piece of
marketing. Thanks"

- ​From a Pentlands introducer contact about Business Bitesize

Want to see one of the Pentlands Business Bitesize reports?

"Just a quick note to say that I really enjoyed your bite-sized summary, sufficiently to borrow a couple of great quotes and to go ahead and get me a copy! It's a really valuable resource you are providing with these summaries. Thanks"

- ​From a Pentlands client email about Business Bitesize on trust

Subject: How can one number from customer feedback grow your business

"Thanks Taz – that’s a great newsletter. It’s something we already do in our business to great effect."

- ​From Lyn, Managing Director of a local training company

Here's how all the Pentlands back copies look ...

4. A seriously proactive sole practioner wins new clients because he puts Business Bitesize to work - TORQUAY

4. A seriously proactive sole practioner wins new clients because he puts Business Bitesize to work - TORQUAY

Business Bitesize helps cement great client relationships, improve all aspects of the firm's marketing and secure a valuable new client...

Here's Andrew Price (on the left) working with one of his clients, a successful plumbing business). As you can see from the picture and the comment, Tracey and Roger value the work Andrew Price & Co do for them.

"Our expectations were of an accountant for a small company just quietly crunching the numbers and then presenting the figures at the end of the year along with a bill – nothing could be further from the truth with Andrew – he is a massive support – not only in being reliable in the accountancy services provided, but as a business mentor also""

- ​Tracey & Roger talking about  Andrew's support and guidance

Here's Andrew describing how he uses Business Bitesize to engage clients in valuable conversations. One prospect becomes a new client because Andrew shares insights from the habits edition of Business Bitesize (you can see the Andrew Price copy of this Bitesize edition - click here).
Here's Andrew describing how he uses Business Bitesize at events, on his website and with Twitter to widen the scope of his firm's marketing...

Want to see one of the Andrew Price Business Bitesize reports?

"You are so right about questioning techniques. Something that is drilled into sales people by companies with good training policies."

"May I ask a favour of you – and I will phone you, but seeing your email reminded me that I have been meaning to call."

- ​An email from a valued client  who was reminded to speak with Andrew thanks to an email about the valuable questions edition of Business Bitesize 

Here's how all the Andrew Price back copies look ...